-y.       :
                        `:+shms     .hM-      /d:
                   ./sdMMMMMMh     /MM+     -dN.      ./
                 smMMMMMMMMMN`    yMMy     oMM:     -hd`
             .sy--smMMMMMMMMy    yMMM.    sMMy    `sMm`
           `yMMMM/  :yMMMMMMo   oMMMN    /MMM.    dMM:     +h:
          -NMMMMM`     :yNMMh  .MMMMN   -MMMy    hMMd    -mM-
         -NMMMMMM`        :o/`smMMMMm oyNMMM+ `-/MMMy   /NM+      ./shho`
        -NysMMMMMh`      smy.-MMMMm// MMMMs:-`NMMMMm/ .+MMM`    .hMMN+
       `mmo-oMMMMMm:   :dMMMs-MMMm`hM`NMM:oMy`MMMMo///MMMMs   /oNMMm.
       oMMMMmMMMMMMMMmNMMMMM+`NMN:oMm ./:-MMh /o+o:Ms-MMM/oNs/MMMm/`
       hMMMMMMMNmyoohNMMMMMo   `  mMM.   `mMN     sMy -.:`MM++MMh:dN-
        :ymMMMMN:     ./o/.       oMMo    :MM:    :MN     oM+ .:.NMMN/
        :hy+.sy+.  -mNdy.          mMm     yMh     oM-     yy    -sdMMy-
         hMMhMMhshmMMMMMs          :MM-     yM:     oy      /        `..
          `/hMMMMMMMMMMMMd-         /Md      +m`     -`
              :ohmMMMMMMMMMh.        /M/      .:
                  `-/oydNMMMMd-       -m`
                          `..-`         `

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The main purpose of this page is being my scratchpad, reminder, dispatcher, playground, testbed, ...

It may or may not contain usefull stuff directly or links to stuff that may or may not be usefull.

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Under The Hood...

If you want to look at how this site is made: The directories for css and fonts are viewable.

There is no complicated toolbox, just "hammer and chisel"... o;-)

The VT220 font no longer is used.

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Long February...

This year we have a long february again.

Have you ever thought about calendars?

Nature acts in cycles and you can pick different points of those periods and call them "start" and exactly that happened a lot of times.

The Gregorian calendar just is one of many calendars still being used today.

Two of my favourite calendars have two things in common:

  1. Months of equal lengths.
  2. Some differently "managed" spare days.

The old egyptian calendar has 12 months of 30 days plus 5 extra days and the Maya calendar (Haab') consists of 18 months with 20 days and some additional "unlucky days".

I like the concept of having equally long months and some spare days at the end of the year or between the years.

My nephew is born on the 60th day of his year of birth. So if we just count days, he should party today and when thinking in months and days of months, the party is 1 day later this year. And this happens to all of us if born on day 60 or later of the Gregorian calendar!

For me this really feels somehow wrong!

Not logical... error error error...

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Swan Song(s)

2016-03-07 10:37 GMT - There will be no new Raspian-Wheezy binaries from my side because I'm planning to upgrade my last Raspian-Wheezy PI2 to Raspian-Jessie.
2016-08-29: DONE!

2016-09-27 15:20 GMT - I'm planning to migrate from Cubieez/Wheezy to Armbian/Jessie. My backup Cubietruck already is testing it. Sure you guess what this means: Bye, bye Cubieez/Wheezy still may take some time but it will come... ;-)
2018-01-31: The backup Cubietruck now is testing Devuan.

2017-05-25 20:00 GMT - With the release of Devuan-1.0 aka Jessie, I probably will ditch Raspbian on all Raspberry PI hardware flavours.

2018-02-26 08:00 GMT - Cubieez/Wheezy is history and so is Armbian on my Cubietrucks. They run Devuan2 now.

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Last Words...

                         .----+----.       |  The END  |
                         | Repent! |       | is neigh! |
                         ·----+----·       ·-----+-----·
                              |  _    _       _  |
                              |\°v°  °v°     ò.ó/|
                                |_|\/|_|)   /|_|

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The END.


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